Amazing Nepal

All of these pics were taken in Nepal on a cell phone back in 2011. I traveled overland from Darjeerling all the way to Kathmandu then South to Varanasi, India. One of my favorite memories is taking a rickety overnight bus through the Eastern part of the county, being the only Westerner on the bus, and stopping off in villages that were lit only by candles. It felt really magical. I’ve been back once more since and I hope to go again. Absolutely amazing place full of great people.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Nepal

  1. I think I took a similar bus route in 2016, from Pokhara to Kakaravitta. My wife and I were the only non-locals and it took 16 hours, cost less than $5 and was rough, bumpy, overcrowded and scary with those cliff drops, but an adventure to reflect on! Happy travels.

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