WordCamp US in Nashville

This weekend I had the chance to volunteer at WordCamp US held at the Music City Center in Nashville. It was an excellent learning experience and I definitely recommend WordCamps for anyone who works with WordPress or would like to get started.

WordCamp US is the largest WordCamp in North America but there are WordCamps all over the world, year-around so you can likely find one near you. Here’s the calendar of upcoming WordCamps: https://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/.

Amazing Nepal

All of these pics were taken in Nepal on a cell phone back in 2011. I traveled overland from Darjeerling all the way to Kathmandu then South to Varanasi, India. One of my favorite memories is taking a rickety overnight bus through the Eastern part of the county, being the only Westerner on the bus, and stopping off in villages that were lit only by candles. It felt really magical. I’ve been back once more since and I hope to go again. Absolutely amazing place full of great people.